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Advantages of Using a Conversational AI and a Complete Omnichannel Solution

In today’s competitive world, you can’t expect your potential customers to simply check the product details on your website and place their orders immediately. Customer is the ultimate king of the market, and you need to satisfy them in order to grow your business exponentially. 

Every customer has a different buying behaviour before deciding to buy a product. The potential customer will have questions about utility, use cases, the technology used, duration, guarantee, warranty, and many more aspects, which he’ll need answers to before buying. To ask questions related to the product or services offered by you, he will try and contact you through various channels apart from your website. 

Being able to reach out to your Target Audience on all the possible communication platforms is a challenge. However, with the help of a Conversational AI Omnichannel Solution, it has become effortless.

In this article, we’ll learn about various advantages of using a conversational AI and a complete Omnichannel Solution. 

Which All Channels Are Your Customers Using To Connect To You?

To apply an omnichannel conversational AI solution, you’ll first have to learn which channels your customers are using to connect with you to resolve their queries about the products or services offered. 

Here are the most popular channels customers use to communicate with brands. 

  • Your App/ Website

Your website or app is the primary means of communication for your customers. Whatever traffic or leads you get from channels like Google, social media, and messaging platforms ultimately come to your website or app for relevant information, action, and transaction.  

  • Whatsapp

There are 2 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp worldwide. These numbers make WhatsApp a perfect social platform to interact with your potential and existing customers. Interconnecting this platform with other communication channels can disrupt your overall customer experience management time and efforts. You can automate your customer conversations via a WhatsApp Business API integrated with an omnichannel Conversational AI.  

  • Facebook

Today, users go to Facebook not just to communicate with friends and family but to search for information and reviews about the products and services they are eyeing on. It has now become a social search channel where people can ask questions and inquire about your brand.

  • Facebook Messenger

In addition to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the second most-favourite messaging channel for users. So, you can also expect consumers to connect with your brand from this channel.  

  • Instagram

Instagram has evolved as a social channel for businesses with high ROI. Users engage with highly active brands (businesses that answer their questions and give product information immediately). With Instagram ads, stories, posts, and reels, you can gain and maintain a flow of new leads and existing customers inquiring about your products and services. 

  • Google

Google search is the first platform customers would go to if they want to buy any product, find some relevant information, or look for a service. This platform also provides various touchpoints like organic search results, Google Adwords, and Google My Business. 

How Can an Omnichannel Conversational AI Solution Benefit You?

Conversational AI has transformed the way businesses communicate with potential and existing consumers. Whether using speech-based assistants or chatbots, these brands integrate AI into their omnichannel experience to drive more robust sales and customer service. 

Here are five benefits of omnichannel conversational AI.

  • Impeccable Customer Service

Chatbots are often considered the pioneers of AI for customer service, and a good reason. These digital facilitators can assist consumers with all requests, from researching products to completing the actual purchase. In addition, they also serve as excellent assistants to agents. When customers have complex cases to discuss, chatbots can initiate these conversations and hand over the situation to qualified agents.

  • Agent Efficiency

Sometimes, conversational AI can replace customer service entirely and eliminate the need for human intervention. This may be the case for easy tasks like checking an account balance, verifying a delivery time, or validating the address of a retail store. When AI takes over, agents get more time to spend on complex cases that genuinely need their undivided attention.

  • Effortless Scalability

Conversational AI is easy to scale. As your business’s service needs to evolve, more digital assistants can be implemented to handle various tasks.

  • Optimal Data Collection

AI is an excellent tool for collecting data. When your customers save their favourite products for later purchase, this data may be used to improve sales and marketing practices. Sales agents may, for example, follow up with customers and provide more information about products of interest. In addition, AI may monitor communication styles and help your service agents determine the best ways to engage your customers.

  • Consistent Customer Service

It can be challenging to offer 24/7 customer support, but omnichannel conversational AI makes that seamlessly possible for many demands. When customers have simple questions, AI can power self-service at any hour, ensuring optimum customer servicing. 

Achieve better business agility, maximum customer satisfaction, enhanced sales, and better brand value with Nityo’s Conversational Omnichannel AI solution.